US House of Representatives * 2014

RM3/SS "Norm" Clark

Vote for a new Norm in Washington.

Are you tired of a government telling you what to do, how to do it, and what you are not allowed to do?

Our country was founded upon the idea of Liberty. The Constitution provides guidelines by which our government is supposed to behave, but a few corrupt politicians have changed that. The government is not supposed to tell you what insurance to buy, what food to eat, or what kind of car you are supposed to be driving. 

We need jobs, but our government has decided it is more important to extend unemployment benefits again instead of doing away with burdensome regulations that cause businesses to cut back on hiring. Do you want true healthcare reform? Ask the government to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Currently New Hampshire only has one insurance company that is acceptable to the Affordable Care Act. Essencially the government has created a monopoly in that state with insurance, something it shouldn't be doing. 

Illegal immigrants can currently get more benefits than our wounded combat veterans. Congress knows this yet decided it was more important to appease illegals (this means the person broke the law to get here) instead of taking care of the men and women who have fought for our country. Worse yet, they want to pass an amnesty bill. 

Vote for a new "Norm" in Washington and help get us on the right track.

Ascension Parish
Assumption Parish
East Baton Rouge
East Feliciana
Iberville Parish
Lafourche Parish
Livingston Parish
Pointe Coupee
St. Charles
St. Helena
St. John The Baptist Parish
Terrebonne Parish
West Baton Rouge Parish

Parishes in the 6th Congressional District

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